Defining Moments

January 29, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

We all have defining moments in our lives. A parent dies. A child is born. Divorce. Marriage. Love of your life. Car accidents and miraculous healings. As artists we also have defining moments. First exhibit. Retrospects. Major awards. Grants. And inbetween those major moments we have a different kind of pivots. Mine was last week when I received a review from the Lensculture Exposure Awards. I don't know who wrote the review. It could be from one of the jurors. It could be from a secretary who had time to look.

Doesn't matter tho. What matters is the depth of the review. Someone obviously took a lot of time with my work. Its the best review I've gotten from anyone. Seriously. This kind of willingness to share insights and pass along thoughts and information to help me find my way does not come often from reviewers. And whomever this is I wish to thank them over and over for garnering a pivotal moment in my work. There are places to submit my work that she/he shared. There are 2 books to read. I've spent 2 days researching every artist in "What is a Photograph" (Carol Squiers, author). I've looked at their work. I watched interviews and talks in galleries. I've looked at retrospects. I've read their artist statements. And, all of it helped me with a few things.

1. Helped show me where my work lands in this oh so large artworld.

2. Gives me a more defined language for my work.

3. Gives me insight into fresh ways I can work.

So here is the review. And a link to the work I submitted to Lensculture.

I hope you enjoy and once again, I thank the reviewer.

Lensculture Exposure Awards 2020


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