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So, I've decided to post food tips on my blog. As long as I'm cooking again, I'm more apt to be thinking about food again. Wait! But food and photography and art in the same blog?  Sure. Why not. Brooks Jensen once told me he thought cooking and photography are surely together as they use the same processes. I tend to agree but that's another blog. In the meantime, if you are photographer, his book" The Creative Life" is awesome. I've read it a few times and contemplate doing it again.

So couple of tips for the day.

If you like your vinaigrettes made in your kitchen (which I do altho I always have a store bought ranch and western because I like them with my fries and also ranch for pizza), here's a few things to help you.

Most recipes don't call for enough acid in them. I do a one to one with oil and vinegar - if its too acidic, add more oil or a little water. I also have frozen OJ in my freezer. A tablespoon in a dressing with boost flavor. Same with lemon or lime juice. I like full flavors in almost everything so think of things to add to your dressings.

When making balsamic dressings and fruit dressings, do not, I repeat, do not use your wand or food processor to emulsify the vinegar and oil. An fruit esp strawberry or raspberry, will become the color of pepto-bismol. Balsamic will look like the inside of a baby diaper after a bad night. And I don't know about you, but those tones are not pleasing to me on a plate. So, use your whip to emulsify. And perhaps use a white balsamic instead of a brown one.

Speaking of emulsifying - its not easy to master that oil and vinegar thing. After years of making them, I still have trouble some days. Some fixes for those oil floating on water. For sure, use a bottle that will shake. The other ways are to start with things that make it easier. One way is slowly saute onion in a pan with your oil. Run it through your processor when the onions are really soft. (You can also caramelize the onions and run them through a processor. This adds great flavor. And you can add garlic cloves to them as they cook.)  Now that the onions are pureed - make your vinaigrette as usual. The onions help bind the oil and vinegar. My last tip with this is start with salt in your bowl. The salt helps bind oil and vinegar.

And as plug for those oil and vinegar shops - check them out! I love their combos esp the Coconut Ginger Balsamic! Its fabulous on all kinds of things. I use a splash of it on watermelon salads. And when I'm making an asian dipping sauce that calls for vinegar -- like one for egg rolls. Instead of using white vinegar, use the coconut ginger with a splash of lime. You just took your egg rolls to a new level. And that is goal of all cooking. Not just food but a new level of food.

Questions?  Feel free to write me.

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