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I Never Understood the Rules of the Game

Color photograph from the 2019 Series at the MN Landscape Arboretum Iris Gardens.
Multiple Editions.
All editions signed, numbered and certified. Printed with archival inks and papers. 3 artist proofs are also added.
SIZES LISTED ARE THE LIVE IMAGE (the image seen within a frame)
A 2 inch border is added to the live image to accommodate framing.
Original is 1 Edition 40x27.3 inches . $1500
30x20.6 inches 5 Editions $875
22x15.2 inches 10 Editions $525
17x11.7 inches 25 Editions $125
My work is printed locally in Minneapolis by Mark Niznik at Mark Allen Editions. His printed work with artists can be found in the Smithsonian and the National Gallery in Washington, DC.
From the 2019 Minnesota Landscape Arboretum series.
I Never Understood the Rules of the Game