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Here & Beyond
This project began in 2019 during a period of frustration with my work. I wanted to move beyond the typical images found in the genre of botanical work. One afternoon I happened to open Hiro's book "Fighting Fish, Fighting Birds" and decided to challenge myself by seeing if I could tweek a personality from a flower as he had done with his beta fish and birds.
The result as been a continual move into more experimentation in camera work and in editing. Typically, I shoot in daylight with no backdrops or lighting other than sunlight. Then, like a sculptor chiseling marble, I strip away everything until I arrive at the image.
"Here & Now" will be an exhibit at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum throughout February and in conjunction with the Arboretum's Winter Flower show. I will be doing gallery talks every Saturday and teaching a 3 day class on finding your personal style in photography.
Feel free to email me.
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