Dahlias are flowers that incredibly diverse and are part of the Asteraceae or Compositae family of dicotyledonous plants. Sunflowers, daisies, zinnia, chrysanthemums are some of the plants in the family. Also in it are absinthe, chicory, artichokes and lettuce.
All these plants are part of this family because they appear to be one flower. In reality they are a "composite" of flowers. All the petals of a sunflower, for example, are single flowers.
There are 50,000 varieties dahlias in every color and shape and they originated in Mexico and South America.
The Aztecs used dahlias medicinally as a treatment for epilepsy. Before insulin was developed, dahlias were used to treat diabetes.
Red dahlia is a symbol of strength and power. Give them to friend who is ill or recovering. If someone embarks on a new life journey, this dahlia is a perfect flower for them.
White dahlia symbolizes purity, innocence, and staying focused. They're good for celebrations like baptism, weddings or new births
Pink and purple dahlias associate with kindness, service, beauty and grace. Great for special friends, wives and partners or for an anniversary.
Blue and green dahlias are about fresh starts and positive changes. Give these to a friend who is moving, starting a new career or family. Or finally leaving that partner who was no-good.
Black dahlias are actually dark burgundy and they convey the negatives. They have the strongest hue of all dahlias and symbolize betrayal, sadness, hatred, death, obessions.
They also convey mystery, power, farewells and elegance.
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