To avoid a lot of confusion about my prints, I think its best to explain a few things about my work and pricing structure.

Images are either Limited Edition prints or Open Prints. Limited editions are just that - my largest print in a series is limited to 1 edition. From there I go 5 editions, 10 editions to 100 editions. The smallest print always has the largest amount to sell and is the least expensive. In fact, I price that edition so most people can afford it. My work is printed locally by Mark Niznik from Mark Allen Editions is Hopkins, MN.. He's an artist when it comes to printing photographs. The best around and I feel fortunate to have a working relationship with him that reminds me of my stylist - I can ask what do you think will do the most justice to this image and I am guarenteed a beautiful print that will surprise and delight me and, more importantly, you. Prints are signed, numbered, certified and are done with archival inks and paper. All prints have artists proofs also.

Open Editions prints are prints that can and will be printed as long as there is an interest in people owning one. They are not signed and numbered.