Well, I"m starting this page with a review I just received from one of the jurors at Lensculture for the Talent Awards 2020. I'm starting with this because in all my years of writing, publishing and submitting works of art, this is the best review. Best. Ever.

Why? Because this juror not only looked at my work but she/he considered the gaze. And that gaze was for longer than in Instagram minute. The gaze took time and the thoughts written took time and consideration of the work. She/he explained their thoughts and most importantly offered suggestions as to where I should go from here (a list of places to send work and a few books to read). That takes time and thought and I so appreciate it. In fact, I appreciated it so much that I looked up every artist in "What is a Photograph" and watched videos on them for a week - I almost filled a small sketchbook with notes and questions to myself. That, is a fantastic review.

So here are the words and photographs reviewed after which I am linking other articles and places I have work on the net.

Thanks so much for taking time with me and if you have commented, thank you for that also because words matter to artists.